Google Meet instantly from Slack.

Send /meet command and automatically share a link to Google Meet with all channel members.

Add to Slack

Works with Google Calendar

Record all instant video calls that occur on your team thanks to our Google Calendar integration.

All channel members will be invited to the call and will be able to access the link immediately.

In addition, thanks to Slack notifications, they will quickly find out when the meeting starts.

Use Google Meet for videoconferences

All channel members will instantly see a button to enter the Google Meet room.

Add descriptive titles to let your colleagues know whether they should join or not.

You can use the /meet command in public channels, private channels, groups and private messages.

Advantages of Instant Meet

Without Instant Meet

  • Go outside Slack
  • Open Google Meet
  • Start new meeting
  • Copy meeting link
  • Back to Slack
  • Share meeting link

With Instant Meet

  • Submit /meet command
  • Bonus: all channel members will see the event in their Google Calendar.

Install in 4 easy steps

1. Install Instant Meet

Use the following button to install in your Slack workspace

Add to Slack

2. Connect Google

Connect your Google account to save events to your calendar

3. Select a channel

Select the channel, group or DM you want

4. Submit /meet

Type /meet to share a meet link. You can set a meeting title.

Frequently asked questions

Instant Meet is an application for Slack that allows you to create video conferencing events instantly through Google Meet and automatically share the url of the meet session in the channel where you have launched the command. In addition, it creates 15-minute events in Google Calendar and sends invitations to all channel members so they can participate in the video conference.

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